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im pregnant with my brothers baby hes 21 and im 15 EF

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me and my boyfriend were kissing and ‘stuff’ when his 8 year old cousin innocently walked in, showed a look of horror and walked back out. i dont think i’ve ever seen my bf jump so far in my life EF

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i just found out my sister is the same age as me …. we have different moms my dad always told me she was a year younger…… should i tell me mm :(????? EF

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I watched a porno with my friend. I am a girl… Is that wrong? EF

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I’m 12 and have bigger boobs than 5 adults i know… EF

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my sister’s initials are HER. she’s engaged to her boyfriend who’s last name starts with L. So her new initials will be HEL. TOTAL EPIC PAIL EF

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My boobs are big enough i can lick my own nipples. Turns my boyfriend on every single time EF

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