I Hated High School 4

At my high school, we had this freshman orientation camp two weeks before school started. It lasted two days and we had to stay the night. The guys stayed the night the first night and the girls stayed on the second(I’m a girl). We stayed up really late because orientation would be over the next day and we could just go home for more sleep. As I was sleeping, I had a dream that my dad was calling my name over and over again, but I couldn’t find him. Slowly, other voices started calling out to me along with my dad. Someone then started shaking me to wake me up and I realized that my dad was actually in the gym, calling for me! Turns out, he didn’t know when he was supposed to pick me up and was trying to find me so he could ask me. I told him to go home and I would call him when I was ready, but the damage had already been done. When we all got up later for breakfast, everyone was coming up to me and yelling my name like my dad had. No one forgot through high school, either.


ok so there’s this boy that i had a super crush on and he new and goes for your best friend who new your like him and starts dateing him thinking i was ok with it -sad face – they brake up then he starts flirting and such then 2 days later goes for my other best friend well lesson learned girls are back stabbing bitches……EF EF EF !!!

messed up 7

i live with my boyfriend and i am in love with our mutual best friend, who has never had a gf, he loves me back (we are all over 20 y.o.) i can’t tell anyone about this, so i registered here, so i can post this. EF

A story on 7

I moved overseas to get away from my disfunctional family, only to be told I have to send $300 a week back to go in place of the child support my mother misses out on with me gone. Basically, I’d pay to stay away from my family. That’s how bad they are. EF

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I still suck my thumb. I’m 16. EF

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take my fucking stories you fucking cock suckers or i will materbate and jizz all over my dogs face!!!…COCK SUCKERS EF

A story on 1

i was reading some stories while drinking some raspberry juice, i laughed so hard it squirted on my new laptop. im now using windows millenium on a scrap computer ): EF

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